LOLA RAMONA Metis Computerbag

Tasker & Punge - Lola Ramona
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computer taske

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We realised this season that something had been missing from our collections. We know how hard many of you ladies work and we wanted to create a bag that showed our appreciation for you all. This beg is designed with the working woman in mind. Big enough for all your papers and with a cushioned laptop compartment that can comfortably take a 13 inch laptop. The side straps have been designed to be loose so you can slip your umbrella or coat through the straps and carry it safely. Of course it comes in the DNA Lola colours because, you know, we don't make anything boring! 


Width:  50 cm 
Indside/Outside Height: 28/30 cm
Bottom Depth: 10 cm
Handledrop:  13 cm
Material: Striped Vegan leather
Lining: Striped cotton
Shoulderstrap: Yes
Colours: Black, White, Red

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